“In order to get fitter or improve in a sport, the body needs to be exposed to stresses (i.e. training or exercise), the body then needs time to adapt to the stresses, to let this happen you must recover."

If you’re a novice your main reasons for considering a coach will probably be to gain knowledge, protect your well-being and learn how to progress. If you’re a mid-level performing athlete you’ll be focussing on breaking through the key targets like a sub three hour marathon or two hour olympic distance triathlon. High performing athletes understand the cumulative effect of marginal gains and they recognise the benefits an external perspective brings to their performance.

Tom recognises that everyone was a novice once, as was he. Tom derives pleasure from meeting people who would like to gain the confidence to start competing. He will listen to you and understand your aspirations. He will carry out an assessment so that you can measure your improvement and discuss a tailored programme with you for you to approve and carry out. You will be carefully encouraged and gently challenged but not intimidated. Tom’s emphasis is on providing you with the confidence and peace of mind to complete your challenges successfully and with enjoyment.
By quickly developing a rapport with Tom you’ll soon realise that he has the ability to relate to your goals and take you to a whole new level. He will help you to remove the guesswork from your training and create a plan that will ensure you’ll hit the finish-line on time. His knowledge and experience will help to prevent injuries from becoming serious and if you have niggles or have had problems, Tom has highly developed techniques and access to the latest equipment which will minimise their effect on your regime. Tom’s structured plans, demos and monitoring have exceeded his client’s expectations on countless occasions which is why he has created such a loyal client following. Getting to know Tom will help to open doors for you to train with other like-minded athletes.
First off, Tom will give you access to the very best equipment and latest theories. Secondly, as a World ranked athlete he knows what winning means to you and he’ll provide you with the means to ensure your targets are met. Having been there, Tom more than realises the trust you’re prepared to place in a coach and he’s quite capable of exceeding your expectations. His knowledge, ability, experience and enthusiasm have made him the dependable go-to choice for numerous Ironman athletes as part of their long-term development.



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The Sweat Show

I’m running on a Woodway Curve treadmill, fully aware of its famous claim of not using any electricity to power a motor. If their marketing slogan of ‘powered by sweat and determination’ was true I’d be running at 100mph. My eyes have a choice of views, a blank white wall getting splashed with black drops […]

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The crash…

When you see a crash at high speeds in the grand tours you automatically wince and wonder how the riders slide, in a way, rather elegantly before coming to a stop and more often than not standing up and impatiently waiting for a replacement bike… Unfortunately last Tuesday 20 mins into my last training session […]

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Bala Middle Distance Welsh Championships

The Welsh Middle Distance Championships This was to be my fourth time at The Welsh Middle Distance Triathlon in Bala, North Wales.  I’d decided to include the event as part of my training schedule for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee in September. This triathlon is organised by the Wrexham Triathlon Club and […]

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Atlantic Coast Challenge 2014 Video

Currently deep in the Tom Walker Fitness IT Dept. creative minds are at work creating a montage of the Atlantic Coast Challenge 2014. We will let you know when its finished so you can see what Tom had to go through over those faitful three days.

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45 minutes taken off IRONMAN personal best time.

I contacted Tom after IRONMAN Wales 2016 being left deflated with a less than average run split, I felt that I had trained hard, been consistent and had gone out and run a lot in the months leading up. I wanted to know where I was going wrong! With some solid advice and a structured approach, I was able to take over 45 Minutes off my IRONMAN PB simply down to being more efficient on the run section of the race.
The advice was simple and effective, as not only did my race times improve but my injuries reduced and I found myself having more energy by cutting out the junk miles. The advice was spot on and worked wonders, I now enjoy running again!! Massive Thanks to Tom !!!

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- Mike Slack, Pembrokeshire

Brazilian Ju Jitsu

Fighting BJJ up to four times in an hour is tough, especially as a heavyweight. Tom took into account all variables and provided me with the gas tank to win a national bronze medal. I'll be putting my faith in him again as I work towards my paralympic goals in Tokyo.

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- Matt Bush

49 year old Ex rugby forward to IRONMAN athlete.

I met Tom about 2 years ago when I was looking for a coach to do IRONMAN Wales, my goal was to raise money in the name of my late wife. We talked and hit it of straight away so our journey began and still goes on today after finishing my first IRONMAN (15hr 3min) in September 2016. In 2017 I'm doing IRONMAN Newzealand, 130 mile Tour of Pembrokeshire's, Tenby Long Course Weekend, IRONMAN Wales and Mallorca Long Course Weekend. Toms training plans are simple, effective and most importantly to me adaptable around my work. Not only did I find an amazing coach I found amazing person who has helped me get over losing my wife. Thanks, David Mark Wood

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- David Mark Wood, Pembrokeshire

IM Wales AG Winner, 2 X Kona finisher

Tom was a massive piece to my puzzle on achieving my dream of winning my age group at Ironman Wales 2015. He went out of his way to ensure I was mentally and physically prepared. He ensured that during my training no stone was left unturned, his attention to detail and passion for sports performance shined through our daily interaction. Tom really is that coach who will go out his way to ensure you reach your goals. Jodie Moss

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- Jodie Moss, London

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