I’ve always been into mountain biking and outdoor sports.  In 2014 I thought I’d learn to swim and sign up to ironman wales, I started the bike and run training on my own in October and kept going as best I could but felt I wasn’t really improving and didn’t feel very confident. I contacted Tom the following may and that’s when everything changed. I went to have a fitness test and talk about training plans, Tom made me a plan to suit my work and family commitments. Tom had so much knowledge about triathlon it made me trust him completely with my training plan, and he was always there for advice and the odd confidence boosting text. I was hoping to do ironman wales In under 16 hrs but following Toms plan I did it 14hr 35min. I signed up again for 2015, and Tom did my training again with some new ideas so the training didn’t seem boring, I took 1hr 42 mins of my time and did it in 12.43, which was awesome. Tom has trained me for three IRONMAN Wales, three long course weekends, a 43-mile ultra marathon, man vs horse ultra marathon and consecutive Tour of Pembrokeshire’s. ever since I’ve been training with Tom my times have got quicker and quicker and I’ve smashed PBS again and again.

Tommy TaylorCarpenterPembrokeshire